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B4 – Bits, Bots, Brain and behavior- is an intense four-week RESEARCH CAMP combining graduate students from the Macro Connections Group at the MIT Media Lab, the Center for Research in Social Complexity at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), and selected students from other graduate programs in Chile.

B4 is led by Cesar Hidalgo, PhD in Physics from Notre-Dame, Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab, and Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert, PhD in Economics from Cambridge University, Professor at UDD Faculty of Government and Director of its Center for Research in Social Complexity.

The environment is designed for CROSS-POLLINATION among participants. Students are expected to work collaboratively, while still advancing their individual projects.

B4 will run from January 9 to January 31, 2017 at IF Valparaiso. IF is a space for entrepreneurship and invention located in the heart of Valparaiso, near the iconic Cerro Concepción.

B4 will conclude with a public event in the theater of IF Santiago, which is located in Barrio Italia.

More information: cmonge@udd.cl


César Hidalgo

Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert

Francisco Zamorano

Jorge Fabrega

Ricardo Guzman

Tamas David-Barret

Isabel Behncke

Loreto Bravo

Pablo Billeke

Eduardo Graells


  • Application dates: from Tuesday, December 1 to Sunday, December 13.
  • Publication of the application results: Wednesday, December 16.
  • Start of the Research Camp in Valparaiso: Monday, January 9.
  • Closing event in Santiago: Tuesday, January 31.
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